Imaginary Invalid

Imaginary Invalid, by Moliere, adapted and directed by Jay Dunn ‘oo.5

Mainstage production; Thesis work of Emily Jacke, ‘12.5 (Costume Design)

Wright Memorial Theatre, Middlebury College Theatre Department, April 12-14, 2012

All photos credit Stan Barouh


Below is just a sneak preview of what will be arriving on this page very soon. For now, meet the characters. I’ll tell you the story soon, I promise.

Argan/Moliere [Christo Grabowski] “I’ve broken everything.  I am slain.  I am slain.  Thy drugs are quick.  Wait!  I don’t wanna die now.  Hell, I wouldn’t care so much if there hadn’t been so many things I hadn’t done yet.  I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going.  You must go on.  I can’t go on.  Never let go.  I die. Rosebud.”

Toinette/Madeleine (Maid/Moliere’s former lover) [Shannon Fiedler]

Angelique/Armande (daughter to Argan/Moliere’s second wife) [Chelsea Melone]

“Can there be nothing more unfair or maddening than the restraint under which I am kept here? For it thwarts any possibility of that sweet and natural intercourse between….social. Social intercourse. Not. Not the other thing…”

Cleante [Adam Milano]

“I must admit, I have always wanted to become a member of such a noble and essential profession.  To cure men and deliver babies, to heal wounds and restore lives, to walk through the slums of Calcutta beside Mother Theresa and wash the sores of down and out lepers, to cure cancer and eliminate AIDS, to stare Old Man Death in the face and give him a big SLAP! . . .”

Beline (Argan’s second wife) [Izzy Shill]

“Let’s be honest, he was unpleasant to everybody.  His revolting habits were enough to make inanimate objects gag.  Always shoving something up one end or sending it out the same way.  Forever snivelling, coughing, spitting, farting, shitting, leaking, creaking, whining, pining, shuffling about, falling down and generally being a complete pain in my shapely and beautiful ass.”

M. Bonnefoi (The notary) [Nathaniel Rothrock]

“Bad notary, BAD NOTARY!” “Ohhhh, I am ashamed. Squat. Pee.”

The Diafoiri (M. Diafoirus & his son, Thomas) [Nathaniel Rothrock & Elias Alexander]

“Sir, I come to salute… acknowledge… cherish… and revere in you a… second father; but…a second father…to whom…to whom I owe more, I make bold to say, than to the first…”

Beralde (Brother to Argan) [Elias Alexander]

“All I am saying is that when you weigh words and actions, your doctors are two different kinds of people. Listen to their talk, they are the cleverest people in the world; see them at work, and they are the most ignorant.”

M. Fleurgon (Doctapothecary) [Nathaniel Rothrock]

“Guten abend!”

Louisons (twin daughters of Argan) [Erica Furgiuele & Sarah Lusche]

“Come play with us.”


I created  these after the production closed; due to the evolving and flexible nature of the rehearsal and design process, renderings were not an appropriate use of time before the show closed. I relied instead on research tearsheets, mock-ups on mannequins and fitting pictures to comunicate with Jay (the director).  Nearly nothing was built from scratch for this show, so Marcia, the amazing shop director, did not need renderings to work from. Since this was my thesis, I was required to produce six full-color renderings, and here they are:


These functioned primarily as concept boards for each character, sketching out the early ideas and giving us a place to start. PDFs coming soon.


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