Urinetown: The Musical

Our production of Urinetown was put together in a month as a January-term class lead by the executive director of the Town Hall Theater in downtown Middlebury, VT. In keeping with tradition, the play was set in a loose rendition of the 1930s less concerned with historical accuracy than with feeling of old-ish and the creation of recognizable stock characters. I based the color palette on two of the major themes of the show, those being water and pee. The photographs here were taken at second dress and unfortunately the photographer I’d been relying on was unable to come to final dress, thus there are many pictures with feet cut off. I have done my best to assemble the best of the bunch. For fitting pictures and some of my research, see this page.

Frustrated citizens protest new urinal fee hikes and Miss Pennywise (Dana Tripp) fends them off (with her toilet plunger and mezzo-soprano).

Lockstock (Charles Giardina) and Barrel (Mohan Fitzgerald) discuss Urinetown, the punishment.

Bobby Strong (Nathaniel Rothrock) listens to Hope Cladwell’s (Julianne Weiboldt) heart.

Officer Lockstock and Little Sally (Jess Spar) chat about love and whether Bobby and Hope are in it.

Mr. Cladwell (Alec Nelson) explains to Bobby Strong (Alec Nelson) how he will buy him off as Senator Fipp (Thomas Scott) and Miss Pennywise look on.

Urinetown: the Musical
Production of the Middlebury College Music Department in collaboration with Town Hall Theater in Middlebury, VT.
January 2011
Director: Doug Anderson
Costume Design: Emily Jacke
Costume Direction: Hannah Rommer
Stitching: Emily Jacke, Hannah Rommer, Carlie Crawford, Leslie Crawford, Annie Ulrich, Jordan Jones
Run-crew, makeup and hair: Hannah Rommer, Carlie Crawford, Annie Ulrich, Emily Jacke


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