Urinetown Fitting Pictures and Research

The following photos were found on http://www.squareamerica.com, a website dedicated to collection and preservation of vintage American snapshots. These were instrumental in informing my view of the chorus. Click thumbnails for larger size.


Fitting Pictures: Click images to enlarge

Bobby Strong (Nathaniel Rothrock)

Little Sally (Jess Spar)

Mr. Caldwell B. Cladwell (Alec Nelson)

Miss Penelope Pennywise

Officers Barrel (Mohan Fitzgerald) and Lockstock (Charles Giardina)

Old Man Strong (JJ Janikis)

Hot Blades Harry (JJ Janikis)

Soupy Sue (Sarah Luche)

Urine Good Company Secretary (Sarah Lusche)

Robbie (Roberta) the Stockfish (Molly Kanter)

Hope Cladwell, showing a mock up of the trim to be added to an existing Blanche Dubois dress.

Hope’s dress with cardigan

Hope and Mr. Cladwell.



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